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Celebrating a new season

Dream big!

by Admin , on 20 Feb 2022

John is a dreamer. Ever since his childhood, John has felt constrained by a life that presented him with few opportunities. Now 23, finding himself without much education, his only chance for redemption is the soccer talent he possess. But it seems a long road before the major break he badly needs as he finds himself only playing soccer for 2nd Division Club that does not pay him well.

John is desperate for new season. That opportunity came when he was invited to travel from mainland Tanzania to play for a better club based in Zanzibar. John sailed to Zanzibar full of hope but his arrival in Zanzibar coincided with the Covid 19 Lockdown that saw a freeze to all soccer matches.

John finds himself a total stranger in a new island nation, all that he could do is, wait. But as days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, John’s situation is desperate. Forlorn and dejected he took a walk when he discovers a fitness club run by Sportslink’s Ibrahim.

Ibrahim does not only provide fitness training but also teaches ball mastery something that could really ignite hope for John. He is welcomed and quickly discovers that the people at the club though poor like him, but are warm, happy and different.

John does not understand why and is ashamed to ask. He requests a night meeting with Ibrahim and asks why his group is different. Ibrahim explains that he has hope.

John continues with fitness training and ball mastery but observes others also meet for life discussions. He also joined the discussions and quickly settled with help from Ibrahim. At the fitness club, John did not only find friendship and something to keep him fit as he awaits the new soccer season but celebrates a new season in his own life as he now dreams of starting his own club.

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