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Kids Games unites communities in Myanmar

One mother's single act of hospitality helped unite individuals and their community.

by Admin , on 16 Feb 2022

Esther is a mother of 5 children. Like many mothers, she loves to see her children playing and having fun. While on a visit to the capital Rangoon, Charity’s kids took part in Sportslink organized Kids Games.

Kids games, provide a unique opportunity for children to connect with adults by identifying needs in the community and challenge adults to serve together to meet that need.

Having taken part and experiencing the sheer thrill of the Cycas Games and recognizing the value of unity and teamwork the games impart, Charity went back to her village and pleaded with her village Head to let the Sportslink team come and conduct the games in her village.

The village head granted Esther’s request though he was not sure of what the games entails. As the games roared into life, parents of competing children were pitted against each other and contributed points to their children. Businesses and other religious organizations also participated and contributed to the success of the games.

As the value of the games spread, another remote village invited Sportslink to come to their village and conduct the games. Midway through the games, soldiers marched and requested to meet Sportslink leader. “I became very nervous. I thought I was going to be arrested for organising this program”, shared Sportslink’s Khai.

Only for the soilders to ask for permission to join in the fun and games. As the soilders participated, some business leaders donated money to the event and request for it to be used for another event. “It was a real miracle to witness the unity and togetherness achieved through playing mere games”, remarked Sportslinks Mung Khai.

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